Welcome Angie to the OdessaConnect Team!

We want to introduce you to Angie Honza, our new Community Ambassador! Angie comes from three years of experience working as a Life Engagement Director, and seven years of hotel experience, prior to shifting her career path to Senior Living.

Having worked in a community where residents use OdessaConnect, Angie built a great relationship with the Odessa team, and presented many ideas to them through the eyes of the resident and team members.

Angie is passionate about working with seniors, always looking for ways to enhance quality of life. She believes nothing is off-limits, and there is always room for learning, no matter what age you are.

Some of Angie’s favorite things about OdessaConnect:

  • Teaching residents how to use the system at their own pace, allowing them to learn new technology (and watching them realize it’s not so scary!)
  • The user-friendly features for Team Members for building activity calendars, dining menus and newsletters more efficiently, leaving more time to be on the floor leading activities
  • Family connections: seeing a resident light up because they received a picture from their family member, or even better, they see them on the TV screen for a video call! It makes residents feel like family is in the room with them, even though they could be hundreds of miles away. The app allows families to stay connected and feel like they are a part of the community.
  • Decreasing social isolation: checking the activities daily may allow for a resident to be more curious about coming out to see all the fun stuff going on, and they can make new friends in the process!

For your OdessaConnect questions, or super great ideas for your community, please contact Angie at: angie@odessaconnect.tv, or (502) 215-0810.