The “multiple remotes” issue can frustrating and confusing for everyone. Multiple devices, each with its own remote and HDMI input, create a barrier for any programming that relies on the TV as a delivery screen.

Smart TVs add another layer of complexity. The enhanced functionality comes at the expense of simplicity. The extra menus to navigate are a source of frustration. That smart TV remote doesn’t have a lot of buttons but it’s confusing in a different way – it’s non-intuitive, especially for older adults.

The Odessa simple remote was designed in collaboration with geriatric specialists to be intuitive and accessible for older hands, older eyes, and older minds.

A new update allows the Odessa remote to control SmartTV menus as well.

With this update the Odessa remote can control not only the Odessa system and cable/ satellite channels, but also smart TV navigation, effectively serving as a universal remote for basic TV operation. The Odessa remote can control major TV and cable box brands with a simple programming process.

On the Odessa remote:

  • The ON-OFF and VOL buttons are programmed to the TV
  • The CH buttons are programmed to the cable or satellite box
  • The ARROW and OK buttons are programmed to control smartTV app menu navigation and selection
  • The TV button is programmed to either the TV HOME screen or INPUT dialog, depending on the situation
  • STAR, TV, and TALK are Odessa function buttons

Contact us today to get an Odessa simple remote for your senior living community, or for a loved one at home.