Tele(vision) Health

Virtual Care through the largest screen in the home.

Breaking the technology barrier

Custom built for analog natives: no downloads, passwords, or small screen devices. OdessaConnect allows the senior patient to engage through a device that is comfortable and familiar:  the TV.

Most senior engagement platforms run on tablets

Using the largest screen in the home that is “always on,” OdessaConnect eliminates friction in the user experience, increasing adoption and usage.


A new model of care delivery

Patients interact with clicks of the OdessaConnect simple remote control, also via voice features using the built-in microphone.  Designed in collaboration with geriatric specialists to be simple and safe for senior patients.

A physician's perspective

“Every quarter I get this stack of papers from health plans to fill out with respect to care gaps and I’m trying to call the patients and they’re not picking up the phone. Now there’s a product that engages the patients, makes the physician’s life easier, you’re hitting your quality measures while you’re looking at transitions of care.”  Praveen Arla, MD, May 2020


Care gap closure

Health screening questions offered throughout the week at the frequency you design. Virtual visits and check-ins. Medicare Total Health Assessment.

Primary care integration

One click of the simple remote answers a live telehealth video call. Assessments and screenings collected through the TV.  Appointment reminders, messages from caregivers, wellness education.

One-click video calls

Physician, care team and family have eyes on the living environment with live video calls through the TV.  Incoming calls ring the TV and display the caller onscreen.  Easy answer with the press of one button on the Odessa remote.

Remote patient monitoring

Bluetooth medical devices send vitals to OdessaConnect hardware in the home, then to the cloud-based health portal, with notifications and alerts to care team and family.  Billing dashboard tracks usage per patient and assigns to billing codes.  Status:  currently in development.

Medication adherence

Automated or scheduled on-screen reminders with compliance tracking.  On the roadmap:  integration with pharmacy for refills and delivery.

Create a circle of virtual care around the senior patient.

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