Scheduling and Messaging for Teams

Simple and elegant scheduling software for Senior Living

Create custom shift templates

Build a library of frequently used shift templates. Assign a shift to a team member in two mouse clicks.

Simple Assign Shifts


Drag and Drop Ordering


One Click Publishing

Manage Overtime

In real time, overtime hours are tallied and alert the scheduler when a team member reaches the OT threshold.

Use built-in admin tools on your native app to view how a shift request affects the team members hours. For example, if Billy is picking up a shift, you may not want to approve it because he will be in overtime.

Scheduling in Easy Mode


Toggle Weekly/Monthly


Drag and Drop Shifts


Overtime Calculator

One Click Publishing to Team Member Phones

Forget about the printed spreadsheet and group texts – notify your team members instantly when the schedule is published or updated. Everyone on the team, in the know, up to date, and ready to work.

Shift Requests

Team Members can attempt a swap or giveaway shift if they can’t work. Something else about claiming open shifts and getting coverage, helping the team. All subject to manager approval (or rejection).

Swap Shift

Team members can swap shifts with other team members directly from the app. The admin is notified and can approve or reject.

Call Supervisor

Under 24 hours before shift start time, team members can call their supervisor directly from the app. 

Giveaway Shift

Giveaway shift works like a drop shift. Team members can find coverage and the admin approves or rejects.

Claim Open Shift

Team members can claim open shifts to pick up extra hours or help out the team. Ensure adequate staffing levels.

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