Grow census, save time, and keep everyone engaged with OdessaConnect for Senior Living.

Resident Features

One simple remote control

Designed in collaboration with geriatric specialists to be senior-friendly, the OdessaConnect remote controls the TV and the OdessaConnect system.

A community channel

Residents can view activity calendars, dining menus, and other community information on their TV.

Messages & Photos

Staff and family can send messages and photos directly to the resident’s TV screen – no apps, downloads, or passwords.

One-click video calls

A COVID-19 communication solution:
live video calls through the TV.

Voice Commands

Voice Commands make it easy for residents to navigate without clicking anything.

Show me my photos.

What’s for dinner?

Play a game.

When is Bingo?

Check my messages.

Watch TV.

TALK Feature

Talk feature allows residents to record and send voice messages. Families will treasure having their loved one’s recordings.

Community Features

Community Broadcast

No more tracking down phone numbers or email addresses. With Community Broadcast you can quickly deliver important messages to residents, families, and staff at the same time.

Calendar Builder

Calendar Builder publishes activity, time, and location to resident TVs. Make changes in real time and notify everyone. Print calendars using your branded template.

Attendance Tracking

Keep track of who is attending events. When families are wondering how their loved one is doing, you can tell them which events they have attended and how often.

Newsletter Builder

A simple and consistent way to build your community newsletter. Your residents look forward to the monthly newsletter – it keeps them connected to the community as a whole.

Survey Builder

Receive resident feedback. Survey Builder allows you to gather information daily on how you can improve the resident experience.

Dining Menu Builder

Help your residents plan their meals with Dining Menu Builder. Residents can easily see all the delicious menu choices on their TV, and have their mind made up before mealtime.

Digital Signage

Showcase your community content to common areas. Welcome new residents and employees, highlight special guest, showcase menus, etc. for everyone to see.

YouTube Integration

Keep your residents connected to the things they enjoy like church services, comedy clips, exercise classes and more. Please note availability depends on community network.

Family Features

Messaging through the TV.

Families no longer have to worry about how their loved one is doing. They can have peace of mind knowing they can send messages, photos and videos directly to their loved one’s TV.


Each resident TV has a unique TTTV® number. Families can text messages and photos right from their phone – no app required.

OdessaConnect app for families.

Download the OdessaConnect mobile app for enhanced communication features and access to community information. (coming soon)

Team Features

Drag and drop scheduling

Scheduling can be a nightmare for the whole team, with our scheduling feature
you can make real-time changes, easily see the shifts that need to be filled,
monitor overtime, and more.

Communicate via mobile

Need to notify your team of a new policy or procedure, or get a shift covered? With OdessaConnect for Teams everyone will be aware within a matter of minutes.

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