Company History

The story behind OdessaConnect

Designing for the older adult

OdessaConnect is on a mission to reduce social isolation and loneliness in the aging population through a technology experience that is intuitive and non-threatening.

Technology can be challenging for older adults who did not grow up using computers, smartphones, and the internet. That’s why OdessaConnect runs on a device that is familiar and comfortable: the TV.

OdessaConnect turns the TV screen into a computer screen, eliminating the need to manage apps, downloads, passwords, or confusing digital devices.

What we’ve learned 

We set out on a mission to learn everything we could about how seniors think and feel about technology, in order to design a digital experience just for them.

After three years and hundreds of interactions, we arrived at a set of design principles that form the foundation of our platform.

Designing digital products for analog natives

Fonts, colors, contrast, density of information, ease of navigation – every component of OdessaConnect is optimized for the older user.

The platform consists of proprietary hardware and software that has been developed in collaboration with a distinguished medical advisory board, and rigorously field tested.

What’s next

From our base in Louisville, KY, OdessaConnect is a passionate team comprised of leaders from healthcare, technology, and the arts.  In addition to expanding our footprint in senior living communities across the country, we are introducing telehealth and virtual care applications for the OdessaConnect platform to serve multiple sectors within the healthcare industry, such as In-Home Care, Primary Care, health systems and more.  As we continue to grow, we will always stay true to our mission of putting the user first in the design process.  #neverblametheuser


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