While innovation is the prescription for the future of all healthcare sectors, many organizations struggle with the development of a specific strategy, and most importantly, the execution of the strategy.

OdessaConnect heard the desire, need and sense of urgency for innovation from providers across the country, but also felt the pain of facing the daunting task of implementation, and the ability or willingness to take risks associated with innovation.

As Odessa expanded into the delivery of care into the home and making care accessible for all, Odessa set out on a mission to “partner” with agencies and providers who shared a common vision by walking with them on the development of their innovation strategy and the execution of the plan.

The common strategic vision consisted of using technology to create operational and care team efficiencies, new revenue streams, personalized and accessible care, and most importantly, value for all stakeholders and improved care for the patient.

While working with a number of clients on pilot programs, Odessa discovered that the greatest success in an innovation partnership not only included a shared philosophy around the use of technology to improve operations and care, but also several critical success factors:

  • buy-in from the highest levels of the provider/agency
  • a clear understanding of expectations and outcomes for the short and long term
  • risk-sharing
  • collaboration to include regular brainstorming sessions
  • a dedicated point person to manage the partnership for both parties
  • sharing of expertise
  • creating realistic timelines
  • flexibility in tweaking the strategy and allowing the strategy to evolve

AccordCare, based out of Marietta, Georgia, is a prime example of the power of a true partnership. AccordCare is a large, privately held home care agency with operations in eight states.

Odessa’s Chief Partnership Officer, Steve Fehder, approached AccordCare’s VP of Clinical Operations, Cristy Carey, in November of 2022. After a number of product demos, discussions, virtual and in-person meetings, Cristy and AccordCare’s Executive team embarked on a multi-stage pilot program in April of 2023, utilizing OdessaConnect as the virtual technology platform to drive their innovation strategy.

Following is a Q&A with AccordCare VP of Clinical Operations, Cristy Carey.

How is AccordCare innovating home care?

“AccordCare is dedicated to redefining the landscape of home care services by leveraging cutting-edge technology and pioneering approaches. Our commitment to innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of care while enjoying a greater sense of independence and comfort in their own homes. This commitment to innovation is supported and driven by CEO Brandon Ballew and COO Derek Nordman.”

“AccordCare leverages Odessa’s devices and technology platform to improve clinical outcomes by reducing hospitalizations and addressing SDOH concerns. In addition, AccordCare’s ReachOut program identifies clients at high risk of hospitalizations and addresses those high risk concerns through caregiver education and personalized patient-centered care plans.”

“AccordCare understands the pivotal role that our caregivers play in delivering exceptional care. We have implemented comprehensive training and support programs that empower our caregivers with the latest skills, knowledge and technology to enable them to provide passionate and specialized care to the patients.”

Why did AccordCare choose Odessa to partner with you on your innovation strategy and how is Odessa relevant and innovative for the changing home care landscape? 

“The ability to engage our clients through the TV is a no-brainer. Our clients often spend a good portion of their day watching TV and are comfortable with its technology. Odessa is very easy to use and effective. The large screen versus the small screen is a game changer.”

How are you using Odessa’s virtual care platform?

“AccordCare has partnered with Odessa to improve clinical outcomes in the home. Our clients answer daily and weekly screening questions designed to identify potential health concerns, medication adherence and falls. We monitor SDOH concerns, such as food insecurity, isolation and loneliness. Our care teams use Odessa to communicate with the clients through the TV and the clients love engaging with family and friends through Odessa.”

Our care teams use Odessa to communicate with the clients through the TV and the clients love engaging with family and friends through Odessa.

Cristy Carey, VP of Clinical Operations, AccordCare

How has Odessa adapted to meet your needs?

“The Odessa team has been very open to our ideas and nuanced needs of home care. AccordCare’s clinical team has worked closely with Odessa’s technical and development team to enhance the current features of the Odessa system to fit our specific strategic needs. It has been a true collaborative effort to help develop a cutting edge technology platform that is redefining the landscape of home care services.”

What has been the response from patients/clients and your care teams to Odessa?

“Our clients have expressed enthusiasm and appreciation with the improved access to clinical care and the convenience that the technology provides. AccordCare’s program enhances their overall well-being and quality of life. Clients dealing with health issues feel relieved to have daily access to monitoring and support, which can provide them and their families with a sense of security and peace of mind.”

What are your future plans regarding Odessa and your care innovation?

“AccordCare will continue to partner with Odessa to improve the wellness of our clients. We anticipate continued improved clinical outcomes and customer satisfaction. It has been and will continue to be a great and important partnership.”

Contact Chief Partnerships Officer Steve Fehder at steve@OdessaConnect.tv.