Steve joins the OdessaConnect team after an extensive and successful career in the media and sports industry and non-profit world, where he held key management, executive and ownership positions with strategic partnership responsibilities. 

While Steve joins Odessa from a career that is outside of the healthcare and technology fields, that has proven to be a true positive for a growing Healthtech enterprise such as Odessa. Steve brings a fresh insight, perspective and open mind into a competitive and ever evolving industry. Steve’s favorite questions are…WHAT IF, WHAT ABOUT and WHY NOT? Important questions to a team that is driven by innovation.

As the Chief Partnerships Officer and a member of the executive team, Steve is tasked with the development and management of strategic partnerships and relationships that will scale revenue while increasing the visibility of OdessaConnect within the healthcare industry. Steve is also tasked with the responsibility to help execute the marketing and public relations strategy. (He is leading the charge in Odessa’s entry into the home care sector along with helping the team to solidify its foundation and success in the senior living community arena.)

Steve is excited to be back in an entrepreneurial culture that values idea input.             “Odessa’s leadership and its investor group believe in open communication, transparency and collaboration at all levels, from top to bottom. Todd has assembled a great team and they realize the ultimate destiny of any company is determined by its people AND the strength of its product. It blows me away to see the daily innovation and drive to continually develop Odessa’s technology to be a leader in the virtual delivery of healthcare to the home. It definitely makes you proud and fortunate to be on the Odessa team when you see the product focus.”

As Steve leads the charge into developing Odessa’s entry into the home care sector and everything that care at home encompasses, he reflects on the opportunity of being an Odessa team member. “When you enjoy business success with the benefit of knowing you are helping to improve the quality of life and health outcomes, it’s a win-win.”