For us, it’s important that myFamilyChannel accommodates its users and takes into account the way they use technology – otherwise, what would be the point?

So far, understanding our users’ tech preferences has involved research and pilot programs with residents in assisted living facilities. Now, we’re doing the same for independent living residents.

We’ve put myFamilyChannel in the hands of a small group of residents at Masonic Homes of Kentucky’s Louisville campus. The goal is to learn more about a new user group, which will help us make changes and tailor the platform to different audiences.

We’re mainly trying to understand whether independent living residents prefer a multi-use platform that functions through their TV rather than on a tablet. We’ll be gathering feedback through discussion groups, phone calls, visits and other methods, and we can’t wait to hear their thoughts.

We’re speculating there might be some key differences between assisted living and independent living residents. For example, older adults who require assistance with certain tasks might need to interact more frequently with caregivers and facility staff, while independent living residents might use myFamilyChannel mainly to stay entertained and socialize with friends and family.

Masonic Homes’ Louisville campus is big (not to mention beautiful), and they offer the full continuum of living arrangements and care options that older adults might want or need. Once we wrap up the pilot program, we’ll be extending myFamilyChannel to the entire campus, and ultimately, to retirement living providers and older adults everywhere.

Like our other pilot projects, this one is all about creating the best possible user experience, or “UX,” as we call it in the biz. Big thanks to Masonic Homes of Kentucky for helping out.

About myFamilyChannel
myFamilyChannel was developed by SeniorGroup Studios, a healthcare technology firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. Led by CEO Todd Smith, SeniorGroup is a progressive team comprised of healthcare, technology and media professionals whose mission is to use technology to help improve the quality of life in senior living communities.