We are happy to announce the launch of our OdessaConnect free mobile app for family members.

Through the app, family members are able to communicate with their loved one in a senior living facility by sending messages, photos, and videos. Family members are also able to make live video calls from the app. Messages, photos and videos sent from the app are displayed on the loved ones television through the OdessaConnect system.

Residents are able to easily consume content sent by family members to their television using the OdessaConnect simple remote control. There’s nothing to download, no apps or passwords to manage for the senior user; all of the content is displayed on the large-format TV screen, and navigated using the remote control clicker.

The app also allows family members to stay connected with community staff. Staff members can send announcements and updates through the messaging feature of the app. Read rates and engagement rates are significantly higher through the OdessaConnect mobile app for families versus an email campaign.

Family members can view activity calendars dining menus and other community information through the app. It’s a real time window into their loved one’s world.

Privacy and security are among our top concerns at OdessaConnect. All family members must register and be approved by the family in order to send content to any resident’s television. Any user that is not whitelisted and registered to a resident is not able to send content through the system.

The OdessaConnect family app is available as a free download in the Apple and Google Play app stores, and is free to use for family members.