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ROCKVILLE, MD and LOUISVILLE, KY – (July 28, 2022)

BlueStar Telehealth, a Rockville-based provider of telehealth services, and OdessaConnect, a Louisville-based company who specializes in senior-friendly technology, today announce a partnership to launch a television-based Remote Patient Monitoring platform.

Telehealth usage skyrocketed during the pandemic.  Demand for virtual care services such as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is at an all-time high.  RPM allows physicians to track patient vitals daily, to monitor chronic conditions and screen for adverse events, using an RPM kit delivered to the patient’s home.

The RPM kit includes various medical devices such as a blood pressure cuff, weight scale, glucometer, or pulse oximeter.  The medical devices connect via BlueTooth to an app running on a tablet or a smartphone.  Vitals data from the devices is then sent to the physician or clinical care team in real time via the internet.

For older adults, the complication of managing apps, passwords, or small touchscreen devices can mean non-compliance, resulting in adverse health outcomes.  BlueStar and OdessaConnect believe that by allowing the patient to interact with the system through the largest screen in the home that is “always on,” senior patients will be more engaged with the program.

OdessaConnect has pioneered TV screen-to-computer functionality through proprietary hardware and software that offers a wide range of features with no need for third-party applications, passwords or devices. This is especially important for seniors, whose familiarity and comfort level with computers, smartphones and the Internet varies greatly.  OdessaConnect’s family integration features will provide further incentive for patient engagement with the system.

BlueStar CEO Robert Wray, Rear Admiral, US Navy (ret) said, “We are delighted to partner with OdessaConnect to provide an amazing new paradigm for patient interaction with clinical caregivers:  the in-home television set.”

“The partnership with BlueStar opens up a new frontier,” said Todd Smith, Founder and CEO of OdessaConnect.  “The pandemic accelerated the need for virtual care, but we discovered gaps in care delivery due to the complexity of managing apps, passwords, and small digital devices.  By reducing friction in the user experience we believe we can improve virtual care outcomes.”

About BlueStar Telehealth
BlueStar provides telehealth services to help clinical caregivers connect with their remote patients. In business since 2013, BlueStar now serves thousands of families across all 50 states. The business is Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned and certified by the Veterans Administration. For more information, visit

About OdessaConnect
OdessaConnect is on a mission to reduce social isolation and loneliness in the aging population through technology that is safe and simple for older adults. For more information, visit OdessaConnect.TV.