COVID-19 has shined a light on two issues that have challenged the senior living industry for years: resident communication and engagement. The Louisville-based company, myFamilyChannel, offers an engagement product tailored to senior living that allows communication between staff, residents, and families through their television.

While families are taking many different measures to interact with their loved ones in senior communities, including looking through windows and climbing ladders, myFamilyChannel provides a convenient communication platform that bridges the disconnect and allows seniors and their families to share in meaningful interaction once again.

One of the technology differentiators with myFamilyChannel is that it works through the television, a device that seniors are already familiar with, eliminating technology challenges.

“Human interaction is at the heart of everything we do. We cannot emphasize enough the important role that communication and companionship have on the health of our seniors,” said Todd Smith, myFamilyChannel’s CEO.

“We are in unprecedented times, and so many things have been taken away from these residents. Our goal is to give them back one of the vital things COVID-19 has taken from them: human connection. We built myFamilyChannel to strengthen and simplify daily interaction in senior’s lives, and we’re excited to see it highly utilized at a time that it was made for most,” said Smith.

Smith, who has an extensive background in age tech and user experience design, said that myFamilyChannel is a game-changer for the industry and that it is just scratching the surface for what the full platform has to offer. myFamilyChannel is easy to navigate as families can text and send pictures and videos right to the resident’s television screen. The messages are delivered in real-time, ensuring that loved ones never feel like they are missing out on a single moment.

Residents can easily respond with the myFamilyChannel state-of-the-art remote, designed specifically with seniors in mind. The platform ties together residents, families, and staff by combining innovation with the absolute necessity of familial connection. Staff can also send messages to residents notifying them of dining menu items, activity schedules, and even emergency notifications.

“Using myFamilyChannel to stay connected to my mom during this time has given me so much peace of mind,” said a resident’s family member. “It is easy for her to use, and I know she looks forward to daily messages and pictures from all of us in the family. I am so thankful we have this connection, especially in a time when we can’t visit.”

With the COVID-19 dilemma, the company has seen a large increase in usage with existing customers and numerous new inquiries from senior housing owners and operators. The innovation, however, does not stop here as future developments are already in the works that will allow myFamilyChannel to connect doctors, pharmacies and other care providers with seniors.

Ultimately, the myFamilyChannel platform will broaden engagement and communication with seniors wherever they reside.  There has never been a time in our lives where this is more important.