myFamilyChannel was honored to receive the invitation to speak during the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit in July, and the event did not disappoint.

Hosted by Mary Furlong & Associates (MFA), it was yet another impressive lineup of experts in the longevity market, which generates more than $7 trillion in annual economic activity. MFA events occupy a unique space in the aging care/services universe, joining some of the foremost thought leaders in health care with promising innovators and investors looking for the next big thing to serve the 50+ demographic, which will continue to grow rapidly over the next decade or so.

“A Mary Furlong event is a supernova of networking opportunities,” said myFamilyChannel CEO Todd Smith. “You come away with a stack of business cards and more potential partnerships than you know what to do with.”

Todd served as an expert panelist for a discussion on product design that was led by Michael Phillips, Director of Technology Strategy Integration for AARP. The discussion explored insights and highlighted the importance of keeping in mind the behaviors and preferences of older adults when it comes to technology user interface design. Todd sat alongside Matt Isola, Founder of Generation Exchange and Co-Founder of Longevity Labs, and Pascal Tyrrell, Chief Science Officer for AceAge.

“A well-designed user experience can turn a task that might have been mundane or even frustrating into something fun,” Mary Furlong said. “The myFamilyChannel team has created a platform that captures the essence of great user experience: it is simple, intuitive and improves quality of life. Todd ‘gets it,’ and I look forward to having him speak at future events.”