We are happy to announce the launch of voice activated features in the Odessa connect system.

The senior user navigates through the OdessaConnect system using a simplified remote control that was designed in collaboration with geriatric specialists. In the updated and enhanced OdessaConnect remote control, we have added a microphone and a talk button to enable voice activated features.

Residents are now able to navigate the system with voice commands by pressing the TALK button and speaking a command into the remote.

Residents are also able to respond to messages and photos sent by family members with a recorded voice message, similar to leaving a voicemail. This is not a speech-to-text feature; an audio recording of the loved one’s voice is sent back to the family member’s OdessaConnect mobile app to be preserved as a memory, a moment in time.

Sample voice message

Please let us know how your residents are enjoying the new voice features!